When Grade One Define Learning.

Connie is developing a book about the Learning Wall and we wanted the children to develop their own definition of learning.

1P define types of learning:

  • It is something you can already do and you use it to teach yourself something new.
  • People can teach you things, but you have to work out how to use it by yourself.
  • You can learn things by yourself.


Owen: It’s when you don’t know it, then you think, think, think and then you  think… umm maybe it’s so and so.

Masaichi: First you don’t know then you think then you get it.

Erik: You do new things like your brain will grow.

Jimin: Teacher says something is wrong and you think again and again and then you do and the teacher say yes.

Vita: You don’t understand and you say to teacher I don’t understand and then like teacher  says what it mean.

Jesse: First you didn’t know that and then you write it then you know it. You think and then you know it now.

Chloe: When you do something, it is when you don’t normally do it and then you do it it like drawing.

Aoi: You can go to friend and friend says think and then you can learn to remember and your brain will get big.

Laetitia: Is like you the teacher teach you.

Diego: Learning is something new you don’t know. Someone can tell or you can use your fingers. You can figure it out.

Hayato: You don’t know, someone tells you and you know.

Ken: You like someone tells you, but you teach yourself how.

Sophia: You don’t know something, first you think yourself and then you can ask someone.

Mona: First you study and then you know.

Devano: You do something you don’t normally do and you do things you don’t know.


New Learning

 You can learn it by yourself or with people. You can learn from doing things. It is something new.

Ken: Stuff you don’t know and then you can do it.

Vita: You don’t know how to write something and then you write.

Erik: Is the teacher teaches you something new.

Devano: Your friends can teach you new stuff.

Chloe: Sometimes when you make a book.



Is asking questions because you want to know more about what you are thinking about.

Masaichi: You ask can you do it.

Jesse: You go to home and you want to eat and you wonder is there the ice cream.

Owen: My dad showed me a video about NASA, and I wondered how black holes were made.



It is about how we behave towards ourselves, the whole world and the universe.

Sophia It’s when you’re independent

Diego: It’s respecting

Ken: Not just people it is the whole universe

Hayato: It’s like being kind



They are something you can do to help you learn and help you do things.


I was scarred but I tried (this is a kind of learning the children added to the learning wall)

It helps you know you can do it and then you can learn new things.

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