Building independence skills makes for a great sleepover.

Sleepover independence… the key to success.

The children made their own packing lists and were asked to pack their own bags at home. They were completely responsible for them at school. The children also made a food list and went to the shops and brought the food and carried it back to school. They alsomade the food (sandwiches, onigiri, fruit salad and chopped vegetables).

The children played in the park for three and a half hour and were supported for part of the time by three grade nine students, who lead the children in tag games. The children took their bags to ICJC and set up their sleeping things. A pizza dinner was followed with some flashlight fun and shadow puppets monsters!

In the morning the children played in the playground in their pajamas before packing their bags and preparing their breakfast. The bags were taken back to school and there was time for some more play before pick up time.

The children proved themselves to be highly independent and respectful learners who know how to have fun.

A sincere thank you to the parents for the coffee and treats at pick up time. It was greatly appreciated!

Sleepover in pictures

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