Reflecting on how we build a community of learners

Before school started we reached out to our new grade 1 community. We shared a video that showed the grade 1 team and we welcomed everyone to grade 1. We wanted parents and children to enter school knowing a recognizable face.  A parent once commented to me that  the first day of school with your child was like going back to school yourself. You stand around and everyone seems to know everyone. You feel a little alone.

On the first day of school we  gathered the children and parents together and we all came into the classroom. We made a point of telling patents that this was everyone’s learning space and they were welcome.  You can see the video of children and parents exploring this space and getting to know each other. Parents were not asked to leave, but simply left when they were ready. We felt people left knowing they weren’t alone and this was a new community in the making.

Photos by Connie

About this blog

Last year the school moved to the Seesaw platform to provide a personal digital learning journal for each child. This year we have activated the blog component, in place of this class blog.  I have elected to continue  to use this class blog to reflect more deeply on the learning and share it with my personal learning network. I am also subscribing each parent to the blog. I wonder as parents whether you will find this insightful and worth reading. Please feel free to comment on the blog or talk to me in person.


4 thoughts on “Reflecting on how we build a community of learners

  1. Hello Ms.Zoe, Thank you for sharing the first day’s video and inform about this blog. I have a question, kids use the Kidsblogs, too or they use only Seesaw ?

  2. Thank you for the comment. The children will only use their learning journal (Seesaw). I am the only one posting to this blog. I just want to share more in depth posts about my thinking as an educator and why and how I educate children.

  3. Awesome to see the diversity in the classroom and the many chances to explore new things! I hope you have a great year of learning and growing.

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