One school Grade One and Grade Nine Connect.

The Grade One’s were very excited to have Grade Nine buddy time. The Grade Nine’s were excited to choose their buddy. As the visit was at a language lesson time we decided to join the grades together. So no choosing a buddy, this time!

The group of Grade Nine’s were quickly taken by the Grade One children to their EAL lesson, where they played word bingo games. Another group joined in the Japanese colour game. The third group read books in Japanese.

From this video you will observe a shared respect, the enjoyment of each others company and  an insight into what it means to be part of one school at YIS. This video also exemplifies our school values. These are evident throughout the video.

    • We are mindful of the needs and rights of others.
    • We are honest in our dealings.
    • We are peaceful in our intentions.
    • We are responsible in our actions.
    • We are supportive of each other.

We look forward to our next visit and saying hello to our new buddies every day.


Grade One reflect, “Sleep over is a time to learn to do it by yourself.”

The children’s reflections show the sleepover marked a change in how they see themselves. It was a time to practice skills they perceive as valuable. They reference “becoming grown ups”. Which to them means:

  • Being independent
  • Taking responsibility for themselves
  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Making friends
  • Facing challenges

You can fast forward to your child. The insights into thinking are worth listening to.

G1 Sleepover, Buying the Food.

The children collected all the data about how much food would be needed for the sleep over. We made this into shopping lists and set out to the supermarket. On the way the Shunye pulled out a plastic bag and started to collecting the rubbish, other children joined in. We were reminded that learning is an ongoing process. The children referenced their rubbish collecting from November. Next we stopped to look at the ocean and saw an egret and a jelly fish. The children also noted the rubbish in the water. They tutted loudly and shook their heads.

The children put themselves into two groups and we set off to buy the food. They were price sensitive, picking out the cheapest jam and working out the best way to get the number of cheese and ham slices they needed. They also read all the signs in Japanese so we knew where to go.

The children paid for their food and placed all their items in school bags, not plastic bags, because as they pointed out they go into the sea and animals eat them. They set off back up the big hill. Takafumi and Heidi carried two particularly large water melons.

The children unpacked and lay down to recover from all their efforts.

The Trip To Homes to Buy Our Sleepover Food

G1 Sleepover, a new experience.

The children are very excited to have a new experience. The bad weather has not dampened spirits. In fact they were delighted to have the opportunity to have a movie in the loft and dance to their favorite songs. The homemade sandwiches and onigiri were soon eaten. The rain let up just long enough for us to run around in the playground. We moved to ICJC and unpacked our bags. All the pizza has gone. The children are tucked up in bed. We were going to run around the gym in our pajamas but the rain started again.

As I write this I can hear little whispers of the children, but these are becoming less and less.


Learning around the world, thank you!

We received a video from Jenn Lutz’s class. We have been sharing our learning with the class this year. The children asked us lots of questions about our year in Grade One, and what we were thinking about Grade Two. This is an example of how we can think globally about others. It also allows us to look within our local community and reflect on our learning and concerns.

We wish Jenn’s class a wonderful summer and a very happy time in Grade Two. Thank you for learning with us.

Jenn’s class

Zoe’s class

Sleepover in G1, the all important food list!

photoThe children have been compiling long lists of food they would like for the sleepover. The general consensus was a “Sunset Snack” would be needed. The children remembered the cold watermelon from last year and asked for it again. Mari remembered having the carry it back from Homes supermarket.

The list is long and includes sandwiches and onigiri snacks for the park. It was interesting that the children make a connection back to their service learning food, onigiri.  The food for dinner is pizza and breakfast is still being debated.

These lists have already provided many authentic links to our taught curriculum, from writing lists, organizing data and explaining their thinking to others.

The next stage will be calculating how much food we need. Lots of mathematical commutation here.

How much milk is used per serving of cereal?

How many slices of bread will people eat for park snack?

Are you ready for the Sleepover in Grade One? Packing List

The children are very excited about the sleepover and have waited very patiently to start the planning process. Today we started the planning process, and there was a surprise! The children won’t be sleeping in the classroom like last year but in the ICJC building. We wanted to add a new dimension to the experience.

Your child will need to pack

  • 1 teddy bear or night-time toy
  • I book (optional)
  • pyjamas
  • sleeping bag and pillow
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • hair brush or comb
  • face cloth
  • wash bag to put wash things in
  • full set of extra clothes
  • Clean underwear
  • flashlight

The children are excited about managing their own belongings and routines, “just like grown-ups!”. It will be easier for the children to look after their belongings if they are clearly labeled. This weekend the children should practice packing and unpacking their bags by themselves, several times, so that they know exactly what they have in their bags, where to find everything and how to fit it all in. (Sleeping bags can be particularly tricky.) This will help the children feel a sense of control and independence and will ease anxiety.We talked about how everything has to fit in one overnight bag and the importance of “packing light”. While we have discouraged the children from bringing big suitcases (for space and storage reasons), it is important that the bag is big enough for children to fit  ALL their belongings inside easily.

Sleepover unplugged

We proposed that the sleepover be ‘unplugged’, with no electronic devices, after much debate the children have agreed to use the class iPads if they wake up early and have read their books.

The children made their first lists in pairs. We came back together and one group read their list. The other groups ticked off  if they had the same item. This was a great tool for working together.

G1 Sleepover, preparing a list of what we need

G9 Learning Buddies, a reflection

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.09.14 AMThe children’s excitement was tinged with a hint of sadness as this was our last G9 learning buddy session. This time to G9’s provided the stimulus for our interaction. Everyone came together to make a hand print butterfly. We asked the G1 children to reflect on their experiences this year.

With the G9’s we:

  • Sharing
  • Learning
  • Playing
  • Making friends
  • Celebrating
  • Having fun

It was always good to see the children bump into their ‘big buddies’ around school and watch them share a smile and a wave.

G9 buddy visit album

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.20.39 AM



G5 helping the food bank, a blog post by Ryan and Kota

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.30.41 AM

As part of our PYP Exhibition we are looking at the Service Cycle and working out how to find and support needs in our Community. We found out that many people in Japan don’t have access to enough food! We learnt about an organisation called Second Harvest Japan.

We researched this organisation and believe in their mission which is to help give away extra food to those in need. We are asking all the Grades to bring in any EXTRA FOOD from their pantries at home


Ryan and Kota will personally bake COOKIES for the Grade that brings the most food to donate to those in NEED!