Author of the month, Oliver Jeffers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.47.26 PMThe author of the month  is Oliver Jeffers. We have chosen him because he creates beautiful stories from simple text, but very challenging ideas. The stories are poignant and convey emotion through words and illustrations. He is a great mentor author as his books offers us the opportunity to deconstruct fictional texts.

One of the areas of writing we will be focusing on will be creating fictional texts. We have begun to have discussions about elements of a fictional texts. The children are focused on character and Jeffers books will help us explore the narrative devise and problem and solution. The books will also help the children develop the vocabulary needed to convey emotion.

A wonderful video about the day in the life of an artist. How he captures ideas and creates books.

Oliver Jeffers Author Film 2013 from Oliver Jeffers on Vimeo.

We have begun discussing how people are inspired to entertain people and show their creativity.

Oliver Jeffers created a video for a U2 song.

Author of the month, Leo Lionni. Being inspired by others.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.01.02 AMWe are beginning to think about a new genre of writing, narrative fiction. The children were rightly proud of all the forms of writing and book making they have created: poetry, illustrations and personal narrative.

Each month we take inspiration from other authors. This month we have chosen Leo Lionni. We have guided the children through a series of mini-lessons about what authors do to make their books interesting.

The children noted that Leo Lionni:

  • Uses illustrations such as think bubbles,repeating images, white space and cutting off an image.
  • Some pages have few words and some have lots of words.
  • The print is organized differently on each page.
  • Each book has a good idea and a great story.

About Leo Lionni Why Leo writes animal books, Leo’s inspiration

“From time to time, from the endless flow of our mental imagery, there emerges unexpectedly something that, vague though it may be, seems to carry the promise of a form, a meaning, and, more important, an irresistible poetic charge.”—Leo Lionni

Lionni started to write children’s books in 1959. He was on a train journey where he wanted to entertain his grandchildren.  This turned into a new career. He said it wasn’t always easy to get ideas but these are some of his ideas:

  • Picking a strong hero to begin with.
  • Starting with the end and making a suprise beginning
  • Pick a conflict or a big problem.
  • Doing a drawing which turns into a story
  • Sometimes words come into your mind and make a title.




Erik’s mum reads to us in Taiwanese.

These were hard clues!

Q1: What’s the meaning of your name?
My name means Good Book.
Q2: where do you come from?
I come from the country of the End of the world.
Q3: What do you like to do?
I enjoy letting my brushes and colors take me to an imaginative trip inside my brain and my heart.
Q4: What’s the meaning of your child’s name in your language?
My child was named after a sketch I made of a child with wings standing on top of rocky hills, looking down, thinking that he has all he choices in he world available to him if he decides to open his wings and fly.

Aoi’s mum reads to us in Japanese.

We are getting very good at guessing.
What is your favourite colour?
– White
What do you like to do?
– I like listening to music
What do you look like?
– I have short hair
What languages do you speak?
– I speak Korean and I speak Japanese

How many children do you have at YIS?
I have two boys

– Where are you from?
I’m from Korea

Masaichi mum reads to us in Japanese.

It took us quite some time to guess

What is your favourite colour?
Mint green

What do you like to do?
I love traveling and camping. I also love shopping, thinking about fashion, like what kind of nails I want to to do next.

What do you look like?
I am tall and have short hair.

What languages do you speak?
Japanese and a little bit of English.

How many children do you have at YIS?

Where are you from?