Mathematics, being challenged at your level… or “This is so much fun!”

Each day we present some Maths challenge to the children, they also have lots of opportunities to develop and solve their own problems. Our class Maths challenges can be accessed on many levels. The children like to return to old favourites… as the children’s skill develop their strategies change and become increasingly complex. One favourite is how can you make 10.

Why We Are Teaching Coding In Grade One.

We constantly read about the need for programmers and the advantages this gives. Coding is challenging but fun, just like grade1!

The children are learning how to develop sets of logical instructions to program into our toy robot. We discussed this as a form of writing. The children are developing their understanding that the robot only does what they program. This has proved challenging… especially if they forget to program the “clear” command and get the last person instructions!

Why is this Maths?

We have five areas of Maths we cover (Number, data handling, measurement, shape and space and patterning). Shape and space encompasses the language of direction. As with all good Mathematical thinking this affords an opportunity to be creative in our thinking and application.

Check out your child’s Seesaw account for personal examples!

The Mathematics Of Giving. Real reasons to count.

We constantly strive to find authentic reasons for children to apply and transfer learned number facts to real-world situations. This is a true indicator of what children understand.

The reason for doing this

The children will lead the onigiri making for the homeless of Yokohama. They have taken this responsibility and leadership challenge very seriously. They realise they have to raise all the money for the supplies. There was some money left over from last year and the children decided to count it.

The Mathematics involved

Each child guessed how much there was. We discussed the importance of naming items which are counted. If you just say 300, no one knows what you are referring to and it is not accurate or mathematical.

The children started to take the money, some children took piles for themselves, others realised it would work better if they sorted the coins into different types. The next issue was removing coins from other countries. The children are increasingly aware that this can not be used in Japan,

The children were then faced with large amounts of coins… how would they count it and not lose track of the amount? Someone started sorting by tens.

The amount was recorded and then checked by someone else. The children are becoming aware of the need for accuracy, especially when dealing with real items like money.

The amounts were put together… no one felt they wanted to add up all these numbers!

Video taken from Seesaw (online learning journal)

Grade One, Social entrepreneurship.

The children have shown initiative and entrepreneurship as they are working out how to raise money for others.

The children are excite to be given the responsibility to lead the onigiri making session for the homeless of Yokohma. We asked the children where they were going to get all the supplies from. Who will pay for it? Many conversations ensued. The children thought they could ask for money. We told them they were responsible for raising the money.

How will you raise the money?

Ken said he had made a lemonade stand. Vita said she had made a circus show for her parents, both of these activities were rewarded with money. We showed the children what the children did last year. We also showed them the video of Caine’s arcade. The children were very taken by this idea.

How will this raise money?

The children decided their parents could play the games and pay.

How much will you charge?

The sums ranged from 100 yen a turn to 300 yen for a Fun Turn (unlimited turns). Caine made a Fun Pass in his video, but the children noted you can’t take his word – but you can be inspired by him.

Chloe and Sophia often make restaurants, cafes and banks so we asked them what we should do. Chloe suggested tips. She explained this way people only paid if what they made was good. Vita said if people didn’t pay she would explain she had worked very hard on the game.

The games are being developed, prizes are being made.


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