Aoi’s mum reads to us in Japanese.

We are getting very good at guessing.
What is your favourite colour?
– White
What do you like to do?
– I like listening to music
What do you look like?
– I have short hair
What languages do you speak?
– I speak Korean and I speak Japanese

How many children do you have at YIS?
I have two boys

– Where are you from?
I’m from Korea

Parent sharing, when children lead a community to learn together

Our classroom doors are always open to everyone, but once a month the children invite their parents in to share their learning.

The children quickly made a list of all the things they wanted to share.

  • Book box
  • Poetry in the window
  • Poetry folder
  • Writing folder
  • What they made
  • Exercise dice
  • Learning Wall
  • Maths Learning Journal

The children brought their parents into the class and set about showing them all their learning. The video shows the gentle buzz in the room. Everyone was very engaged.

Ms Connie captured the feelings through her beautiful photography
Parent Sharing Nov. 22, 2016 on PhotoPeach

Jimin’s mum reads to us in Korean.

We weren’t sure who it was!

How often do you come to school? Everyday when there are classes.

Do you wear glasses?  Yes

What languages do you speak? English, Japanese, Korean

How many children do you have at YIS? 1

Where are you from? Korea

Please excuse this unusual video of a video! There were some technical issues encountered.. We wanted to find a work around because we were sure you would want to share this story. (TIP, Turn the volume up on your device).


Owen’s mum read to us in English

Today the children were given these clues:

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • My favourite colour is red
  • What do you like to do?
  • Some of the things I like to do are cook, ski, snuggle, go on adventures and go to Costco
  • What do you look like?
  • I am taller than mouse, smaller than a house; I have dark hair and ten toes
  • What languages do you speak?
  • I speak French and English
  • How many children do you have at YIS?
  • I have two children at YIS
  • Where are you from?
  • I am from a big country with mountains and oceans, moose and beavers, fields and lakes, maple syrup and kindness…. same as Miss Donna and where Miss Zoe spends her summers!

They guessed who it was!


Me to you. A celebration of family created by the children.

Whilst young children can be egocentric we have noted subtle changes in their actions. From talking about themselves, they have started to relate experiences about their families. Today they considered the needs of their family as they decorated the classroom and served their parents food.

Each person brought their favorite family food. The children tried new foods and engaged in dialectical thinking, considering their opinion and those of others. They also took time to think about the language they used to describe others people food. They may not have  liked it, but they know it was important to someone. The general consensus was all the new food they tried was yummy. The adults agreed!

Sincere thanks to our Grade One community for taking the time to create these family favorites.  Special thanks to our homeroom parents (Vesna Jarnjak, Sarah Haidar, Jia Shu Lin and Kavi Sharma)  for hours of preparation, shopping and sign making.

Mystery Reader, building community and cultural awareness through literature

We invited each family  to read to the children in their home language, with no translation.The first mystery reader was today.  The children asked for the book to be translated. We sort the children’s opinion of how to understand a book if you couldn’t read the words. They decided to use the picture clues.
These were our clues
My favorite color is purple.
I love painting and reading.
I am thin and have dark hair.
I speak Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, English, Japanese and a little French.
I only have one child at YIS?
I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Argentina.