Space-When six year olds get to show their compassion and take action.

The story so far…

The children have been fascinated by space since August. (This is all the blog posts about space).

So we have made a stop animation film about Mars and a book to go with the film. Next week we will be making the audio recording for the book, yes it is going to be an audio book! Grade 4G have made a trailer for the film and posters.

The children have decided to share it with you in our assembly.

Is that it?

Since this is K-Perfect, it is most certainly not the end of this child generated inquiry. The children decided people can see the film for free but must pay for the book (future careers in marketing here!). They had a very passionate debate about what to do with the money.

The children finally decided to give the money to a homeless shelter in Kannai and after the earth quake they rethought this. They now want half  of the money to go to the homeless shelter in Kannai and half to the earthquake victim support because,

“We want to care for people and everyone needs money”. (There list became huge and we would have needed a UN budget).

They still want to have a party for some people at the Kannai shelter because,

“We don’t want them to be sad and we want them to know we care”.

Yeah… I have had to stop myself crying a few times during the discussions!

I have tried to edit this, but it does not  show the hours that went into this discussion over many weeks. It doesn’t convey the changes in debating and thinking. I did want to share it though, because, as ever, I feel these children have incredible capacities for sharing.