Complex patterns, complex thinking?

We continue to work on patterning and have added a new level of complexity. The children made a pattern and then transferred it to another form. An example would be a red, blue, red, blue pattern transferring into a sound pattern bing,bong, bing, bong or a number pattern 10,11,10,11.

We wanted to add yet another level of thinking.  How complex could children make patterns? An example being 1,1,2,2,3,1,1,2,2,3.

Could they identify the repeating element of a pattern? An example being 1,1,2,2,3,1,1,2,2,31,1,2,2,31,1,2,2,3,1,1,2,2,3.

Thinking Routine, What makes you say that?

We will work on making our thinking visible as we ponder the complexity of patternw with our learning community, including our buddies. Grade 4N will go on a pattern hunt with KP and explore the questions,”Why do people design things with patterns? What is the purpose of the pattern? When they formulate an answer we will challenge them to ‘dig deeper’ and explain their thinking by asking the question, What makes you say that?

Complex patterns

Sorting using our buddies bodies!

The Grade four buddy time was spent representing our understanding of sorting through  sets of people. The photopeach below shows some of  the ways the children choose to sort people. It was an interesting process, the sets started off being very simple i.e. hair colour and ended up being very complex and included “What do you think of Wayne Rooney?”

Our time with the buddies is a valuable learning time  for both classes. The children learn to work together and bring their understandings of a subject to new levels. Teaching others challenges children tothink and find ways to communicate with others.

So can you guess the criteria the children choose to sort by… here are some clues

    • Age
    • Hair colour
    • Skin tone
    • Eye colour
    • What you are wearing on your feet
    • Grade level
    • What is your opinion of Wayne Rooney.
    • How much skin are you showing.

Buddy body sorting! on PhotoPeach . You can see their post here.

Pursuing passions, thank you learning community!

On Wednesday we had our grade four buddy visit. The focus of the session was pursuing passions. KP had discussed with 4N what they were interested in. 4N went to the library and researched the the topics. This gave them an authentic reason to develop their research skills. They shared the books today. The room was a quiet buzz of engagement as KP stared intently at the books 4N read to them.
Pursuing Passions, Thank you Grade 4 buddies. on PhotoPeach

Grade 10 buddies, extending our learning community.

Today was the first visit from our Grade Ten buddies, this is part of our school wide values program. The children were delighted to engage with the older students. The older students modeled the school values as they guided the kindergarten children.The high school students showed the children areas of the school they use like the science lab. The kindergarten reciprocated by showing the roof play area.

We will use this first encounter as another way of extending our learning community. It was wonderful to hear the children discuss their engagement with the older children.

    • It was so cool. The big kids are cool.
    • I like my buddy.
    • I want to do this again.
    • Look… look I see the buddies on the playground. It is their playtime.
    • I like there is a person for me.
    • They were kind and helped me.
    • It was fun.

Grade 10 buddies, extending our community of learners. on PhotoPeach

KG share portfolios with Grade 9 buddies.

As part of our school wide value program we have focused on putting our beliefs into action.

  • We shall be mindful of the needs and rights of others.
  • We shall be honest in our dealings.
  • We shall be peaceful in our intentions.
  • We shall be responsible in our actions.
  • We shall be supportive of each other.

The Grade 9 students listened and asked questions as their buddy shared their portfolio. The kindergarten children were able to give detailed answers about their best pieces and what each piece represented.

Best line from a Grade  9

“That’s so cool. I had those scissors when I was in kindergarten, can I touch them?”

KP see the blog as a place that shows their learning.

Some KP children have their portfolio at home. I asked them how they could share their learning. The first answer was the blog!