Feeding the homeless, “Wooo… that will take team work!”

We showed the children a video of the High School students making onigiri (rice balls) for the homeless of Yokohama. The children read that 644 onigiri were made. Devano exclaimed, “Wooo… that will take team work!” The high school students agree. This Service Learning initiative puts the high school students in the role of Learner Leaders for the Grade One students. They will come and meet with the children to explain about the Chiku Centre project. They will need their help to reach their goals.

On Friday 18th November the Grade One’s will work along side the High School to make the onigiri to feed the homeless of Yokohama. The children have learnt to make onigiri in their ICJC session. The children were very interested in the video. They related their experience of seeing homeless people in Japan, Korea and Cambodia. Chloe remarked, “This is great. I will help homeless people two times, in Cambodia and here.” Erik explained that he had seen the Chiku centre.“It is a place for the homeless people to eat and get onigiri.”

The children spent sometime discussing what homelessness meant. They agreed that they wouldn’t like to have no home. Masaichi said, “What would happen if I was homeless?” Owen said, “You would be alone… just kidding… you could come and live with me.”

What is clear is that the children have a sense of compassion for others and want to help. The next question was…

“What can we do to help the homeless people?”

We wonder how this provocation will provoke the children to action.

This will be a year long commitment to helping others and be a major part of of our next Unit of Inquiry. Ultimately we aim for our Grade One students to be the leaders.

To give. To receive. To connect. To learn.