Teaching Copyright in Kindergarten. It’s easier than AB©

The children have just published their first book. So we added a copyright sign… and the discussion began…

I started off by taking a head band from Hwaji and putting it on my head and telling everyone how much I liked it. Indignation from all… I was not being nice … I was not being fair… It wasn’t mine!

So we discussed a book I said I wrote called the “Very hungry caterpillar. ” More indignation… It is Eric Carle’s book.

We discussed whether it would be OK for others to take our book and say it was theirs… or could people take our pictures?

The children found the copyright sign in books we had read. We had a big discussion about the role of libraries and whether it was OK to take books from them, if they weren’t ours.

Next I will talk to them about creative commons (licensed for sharing). I have used creative commons music on their films. So I will begin to explain about how people share their work with others. Like Mr Farrell in the library who shared his pattern pictures through creative Commons Licencing.

Oh and by the way this took about 5 to 10 minutes!

Teaching copyright in kindergarten is easier than AB©

Here’s a comment from Miel’s mum Rachel

“And I got educated all about the c with the circle around it :) Thanks!”

Here’s what Noriko, Mari’s mum said,

“Mari said I can’t share things from the blog unless I ask you, she said it is copyright and I can’t take it.”