KP-Number Boggle

Do you want to learn how to play number boggle? Watch this video Mai, Sojiro, Jolie and Molly made it for you.

I helped edited but the filming and ideas are all there’s. I only saw it at the editing stage. Note the incredible filming, directing and cast.

How many ways can you find?

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Kindergarten children as teachers-If you give a 5 year old a video camera they will…

They are only five. How can they teach and video?

I took a video/camera (Canon IXY) out of the library yesterday. My instinct told me the children were ready to explore video making. I told them it was available and said I would help if they needed me to. I tried to explain about camera shake (I got them to shake their heads around and tell me how it felt); however, this seems best learned by seeing an example of their work!

I showed two children how to:

  • Turn it on
  • Turn it to video
  • Record and stop recording.


I was looking through their video’s and came across what seemed like a disaster piece of camera shake, it wasn’t. It was two children trying to make a ‘how to’ video about the iPad. I was so excited by this. I got them to look at their video, praised the concept and gave them a few tips to remake the video.


  • Like voicethread, think before you record. Have an idea of what you want to do.
  • Think about where you video, should it be messy, tidy or do you want to show something special?
  • Maybe sit or stand somewhere so the camera doesn’t wobble.

I sat by them as they recorded their video, but did not do anything, apart from beam with pride!

They picked the title slide and end slide. I edited the video.

I have included their first video, it is shaky (about 10 seconds) but a good record, so don’t worry it gets clearer.

Ready to learn how to use the iPad from a five and six year old?

Yokohama to Outback Australia. Learning around the world.

With advances in technology the world is your child’s classroom. Our classroom stretches around the world.
The school was approached by a teacher in a remote rural school in Australia who wanted to involve us in their class project. Although KP students are much younger than than these higher elementary school students we were able to take part in the project because we can utilise technology to communicate our ideas.

To begin
We looked at our school using Goggle earth and found our school. The children were excited to see the school and Yokohama. They commented on all the buildings. Next we looked at Oombulgurri. We zoomed closer and closer and the children were very suprised that there were no buildings.

Yokohama Oombie Goggle Earth

How will we talk to them?
(Children of the 21st century know you can use technology to communicate in many ways)
We talked about how we were going to communicate with the children, we made a list:

  • Go there. We will need our grown ups. How will we pay for the tickets? School will pay, Ms Zoe will pay. We don’t want to go without our mummy. Umm… we need another way.
  • Phone them, we don’t have a phone… we don’t know their number
  • On the phone write (text)
  • Email them on the computer.
  • Talk to them on the computer like I do to my granddad, Skype.
  • Send the letter in the printer (fax?) (scan?)


How will we share information about ourselves?

How will we tell them about us?
We wrote lists of all the things we thought people needed to see see in our school and outside.

We used a programme called voicethread that enables children to record their voices. We had a self-portrait to show who we were and the children talked about themselves. Ms. Maira spoke in Japanese.

How will we show our school and local area?
IMG_0438The children love taking photographs, digital cameras enables children to take as many pictures as they like. We went for a walk around school and down the road. The children thought about what they wanted to show and what would be of interest to others (classroom, playground, turf,vending machine, Japanese writing and the garage truck). We added pictures of the earthquake drill.

We used a simple programme called Photopeach which let’s children pick 20 pictures and add music.  It makes a photo story that can be shared. I typed what they wanted written under each slide.

About Japan with pictures and words by KP. on PhotoPeach

And the world has started to reply…

Hello Oombie
We made a short video for asking the children of Oombie some questions about their profiles.