KG- Develop their own internet safety tips.

269704507_8abbb466ffWorried about your child and the internet?-Strategies KG came up with.

My pledge to the children I teach:

No matter if I told you not to and you pressed things you shouldn’t have, if you find something that makes you uncomfortable tell me, I promise I won’t be mad with you. We will need to talk about what you did and why.

By Brian Gosline


Some of the children are very proud that they know how to do Goggle searches. They came to school and showed us what they had learned at home, fantastic. Alongside developing these skills we are  discussing  responsible and safe internet use.

It is my opinion, you should not lock children out of this amazing world, BUT you must discuss and teach them how to make decisions. Just as we discuss all aspects of their safety. It is not what happens when we are with children, but the decisions they make alone. We need them to think now. They must be  thoughtful and empowered to act both on the internet and in all situations. This is nothing new, I have been having personal safety discussions every year with children for 22 years, yep pre-internet.

Zoe: This is something I am constantly giving thought to and acting upon.

  • Children must feel strong enough and empowered enough to speak up, question and express their feelings. Easy to say, but we often expect children to comply with adults. They need to know it is OK to question, respectfully!
  • Never go on the internet if an adult is not there.
  • When we use voicethread we have self-portraits, not pictures and us initials. The children do use their names sometimes when they speak.
  • I am constantly asking children to question what they see. Is it accurate? How do you know it is true? We showed you tube alien videoes and animated footage of Mars? the children constantly question now, ‘Is it real?’

What the children have developed.

If I see or hear something that makes me feel uncomfortable I will:

  • Tell a grown up.
  • Turn it off.
  • Put my hands over my ears.
  • Close your eyes or look away.


We had a planning meeting with some students and parents before the break and talked about our policy on safe responsible us of the internet. We would love to know what you think, comment or come and chat in person.