At last…Kindergarten tried,tested,children and teacher approved iPad apps.

The Kindergarten is developing  a  site  for parents and teachers, listing most of the apps the teachers and children find are working best. Look in the iPad apps section. There is also a general section which may help teachers (handy IT tools). The home page has a few funny video’s. Overtime we will add links to specific maths and language sites that help kindergarten children and their families.


I keep going on about it but once again… I believe the apps and the iPads are as good as the teacher using them. I endeavor to allow children to create their own understanding. Facilitate their learning whilst empowering them to help each other  solve problems. The iPad can be a glorified worksheet that beeps or more. At present the range of apps that allow for problem solving and creative thinking is limited, but growing all the time. The problem solving and creativity comes from how the children choose to use the apps to enhance their understanding.

Enjoy, parents and teachers let me know if this is of any use to you.

Screen shot 2011-04-22 at 4.34.26 PM

iPads: Children tweet their pictures to the blog.

Thought P-perfect were go? Now they are blogging and tweeting by themselves!

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at 1.28.34 PM

I wanted the children to have more control over their blog. Although they are K-Perfect I was not sure I wanted them in the site management area! I noticed all our iPad drawing programmes upload to Twitter.  So does Blocks the computer animated design Lego app. Thanks to lots of brain work from Elif Raskin, Kim Cofino and I, we added a Twitter feed to our blog.

So what?

Today the children spoke messages into my iPhone using Dragon Dictate (bit tricky, need to speak really slowly and clearly). This free app turns the spoken word into text, very cool. I am starting to think of loads of ways to use this in class. The children were really surprised to see the message appear in the blog. Next they drew a picture on the iPad and tweeted it to the blog (see the sidebar on the blog). This is such a great, quick way for children to record their ideas. It was really quite easy and it is all theirs.

What the children said:

We could show your pictures to our mummy’s and daddy’s. Maybe my brothers and sisters would like to see. It’s good because children can do it. You can look at it when you want.

we tweeted their

Kindergarten children as teachers-If you give a 5 year old a video camera they will…

They are only five. How can they teach and video?

I took a video/camera (Canon IXY) out of the library yesterday. My instinct told me the children were ready to explore video making. I told them it was available and said I would help if they needed me to. I tried to explain about camera shake (I got them to shake their heads around and tell me how it felt); however, this seems best learned by seeing an example of their work!

I showed two children how to:

  • Turn it on
  • Turn it to video
  • Record and stop recording.


I was looking through their video’s and came across what seemed like a disaster piece of camera shake, it wasn’t. It was two children trying to make a ‘how to’ video about the iPad. I was so excited by this. I got them to look at their video, praised the concept and gave them a few tips to remake the video.


  • Like voicethread, think before you record. Have an idea of what you want to do.
  • Think about where you video, should it be messy, tidy or do you want to show something special?
  • Maybe sit or stand somewhere so the camera doesn’t wobble.

I sat by them as they recorded their video, but did not do anything, apart from beam with pride!

They picked the title slide and end slide. I edited the video.

I have included their first video, it is shaky (about 10 seconds) but a good record, so don’t worry it gets clearer.

Ready to learn how to use the iPad from a five and six year old?

Please put this on the blog Ms Zoe

How Twitter is helping us in Kindergarten

Keep checking the blog I have a big surprise for the children. They will soon be tweeting.

I have been learning to use twitter and am following @mscofino. She tweeted a great link to an iPad Christmas concert.

I couldn’t wait to get to school on Monday to share it with the children. I didn’t tell them what kind of concert it was. They were enthralled  with it. We decided it should go on the blog. I am please they decided this because it means they are thinking of the blog as their space.

I asked them to justify putting it on the blog:

Show it to family because it is so good.

Show family so they can have the instruments put on their iPad… or the iPad they want to own!

They wanted to see it again.

So here we are an iPad concert.

Children teaching parents-blog launch and iPad party.

What do you think?

Leave a message on the blog.

At the bottom of each blog press on the word comment. Write in any language you want.

Thank you for making my day and giving your time. Every minute of this was a joy. I was so nervous and the children were so relaxed. They took such control of the event. It was as I thought, they just didn’t need me. I can’t wait to share the video’s with you of the event. I also have loads of great video’s of the children as they are learning.

On another note, their  IT (technology skills) skills are incredible. They teach each other and me. They just go from strength to strength. They buzz around the room like bees. They find out something and take it and show someone else. I teach one child and they teach the others. They  find new things and teaching me. So exciting. I love teaching and learning from this class.

Maybe we should have another Technology party and the children can show you some of the programmes we are using? What do you think?

The children taught the parents to use our blog and iPads. It was a blog launch and iPad party. on PhotoPeach

Are you willing to be taught by a 6 year old?

We are collaborating with the Japanese department on our new unit of inquiry. Tasha suggested we use Goggle earth to explore Japan. Whilst exploring the apps Anton (aged 6) found Goggle maps in strip designer, he thinks it is easier to use. He taught me, I showed one Japanese teacher and Anton helped another teacher. Here is a video of one class teaching another class.

How can you use this isolationist technology with young children. How are they ever going to develop social skills?

This is probably the most fascinating elements of implementing this programme to date. It has changed the social dynamics in the class and not in a bad way. The children are all friendly toward each other, but defiantly have defined friendship groups  which are not crossed regularly. But now…

IMG_0797iPad friends are here.

As I observe the children using the iPad I am noticing new friendship groups forming. Children who have never taken any real social interest in each other are now working together.


I trying to work this out by observation, this is what I have noticed:

Existing friendship groups seem to have different favourite apps

Children find someone at their level to work with, maybe a new friend.

Children find someone above their skill level to teach them how to use the app or maybe help them develop a skill.

They then find new apps and come back and share them within an existing group, once they have explored them with someone new.

Children at similar stages of development who may have been slightly frustrated by each other, seem very happy to share an Ipad and work on skill development together. Maybe it gives time to work at their pace?

The most unconfident child with the Ipad has turned into an outgoing ‘techie’ who works along side another leading ‘techie’. The learning curve is incredible.

Someone in the class with developing English skills is the most able when discovering new uses for the app and can now share this with children. In affect it has made this child a leader.

It is all very fluid and changes all the time. They have truly created their own  learning communities.

What the children said:

We like to be with different friends.  They teach me.

I will keep you updated.