5 year Olds Draft a Skype Responsible Use Policy.

By katypang

Today I talked to the children about a responsible use policy for our  Skype sessions. The children thought about how they will use Skype.

We will be Skyping Ms Douglas’s class in Hong Kong for the first time tomorrow. We have had a test run and we are ready to go! Now we also have the beginnings of our policy.


KP Skype Responsible Use Policy (Draft).

  1. Work out problems (know how it works, practice).
  2. Stand up, sit down (they need to see you you).
  3. Say nice things,like hello.
  4. Say responsible things like, What are you doing? (let others talk)
  5. Be confident, speak with a loud clear voice.
  6. Use your brain, use more words (think about what you want to say).
  7. Skype for friends and Skype for people you don’t know is different (how you act depends on the audience).


A big question came up and the children are debating it,

“Is it OK to say no to people who want to be your friend if you don’t know them?”

What do you think?