At last…Kindergarten tried,tested,children and teacher approved iPad apps.

The Kindergarten is developing  a  site  for parents and teachers, listing most of the apps the teachers and children find are working best. Look in the iPad apps section. There is also a general section which may help teachers (handy IT tools). The home page has a few funny video’s. Overtime we will add links to specific maths and language sites that help kindergarten children and their families.


I keep going on about it but once again… I believe the apps and the iPads are as good as the teacher using them. I endeavor to allow children to create their own understanding. Facilitate their learning whilst empowering them to help each other  solve problems. The iPad can be a glorified worksheet that beeps or more. At present the range of apps that allow for problem solving and creative thinking is limited, but growing all the time. The problem solving and creativity comes from how the children choose to use the apps to enhance their understanding.

Enjoy, parents and teachers let me know if this is of any use to you.

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