Hello Vermont, Mexico, Hong Kong and Indonesia we are KP.

Our Unit of Inquiry: Personal journeys show the way that people change and can lead to new opportunities.

One way to map change overtime is to record our thoughts onto a Voice Thread. The best thing about a voice Thread, Kyle discovered, is that we can share it on the blog. The really cool thing about Voice Thread is that anyone can add to our discussion.

We are excited to share our thoughts with other schools. We soon realised we had a problem,

  • They can come to us… umm no, who will leave their grown ups.
  • We will Skype… ummm no, America is asleep when we are at school.

We can use the blog and we can share our Voice Thread… umm YES!

This fits perfectly into our Unit of Inquiry, no extra work. The children are learning how to express themselves thoughtfully and articulate clearly (speaking and listening skills, Language Arts curriculum).  The added value is the audience. The children are mindful that their words are being shared around the world.

A huge thank you to our ICT facilitator Elif Raskin for helping the children. Next time they will work in small groups to support each other master the tool. Voice Thread is a focus tool for us this year. We feel it is a valuable technological tool for children build metacognitive skills (think about their thinking0 and support language growth.


A post card from Molly

Molly is in England and the children were very excited today to get a post card from her. They wanted to put them on the blog. They have also decided to make a display of the post cards to put on the wall. This has generated lots of discussion about how to display things so they look good.

A post card from Molly. on PhotoPeach

Space-the voice over

The children realised that if the film is going to sound like a ‘real film’ they must use expression when they read the script. They each decided which parts they wanted to read and practiced on photo booth. This was their idea.

It maybe a bit long but it is wonderful. I tried to do a photo booth to… it was the snowy Friday. You may question my class control skills after seeing it! I put it in because it still makes me laugh when I watch it.

KP-practice reading with Photo Booth.

The children love Photo Booth, it is the first thing they discovered on their computers. They have been having lots of fun reading books and listening to themselves.

This is very good for developing reading with confidence, they can practice, listen to themselves and rerecord their voices. They are also getting used to hearing their voices recorded, something adults often don’t like!

It’s a book!

This is KP’s favourite You Tube video right now.  It shows the differences between paper books and technology. Very funny. It has inspired them to make a trailer for their movie with 4G… more info to follow.

What the children said:

Paper doesn’t need batteries.  You don’ t need to charge it.   But we have books that need batteries. The iPad needs electricity.  You can turn pages on the iPad. The iPad reads to you all the time. Sometimes grown ups are busy, but the iPad can read to you. You can learn to read with both books.

Why would you let children pursue their interests. What about teaching them the facts they need?


We can teach just facts…

Think they are the foundation on which all knowledge is built… something that never changes?

A lesson in facts… Good bye Pluto!

The first idea the children had was to have the title of their animation about Pluto. We found images of Pluto and discovered it is no longer considered a planet.

The background to this inquiry.

The children started their own inquiry into space in August. They created a dramatic play area, created a whole class scenario where flight manifests were created. They built space ships and all manner of devises to stop alien invasion of their space ship.There was an incredible amount of writing, reasoning and problem solving. They were using high order thinking skills to solve issues. There has also been a great deal of social interaction and development of social skills. I had NOTHING to do with any of this.

In our current unit How We Express Ourselves Elif Raskin (elementary IT support) offered to help the children make a stop animation film, which she would edit. The children were excited to see an example of this. They decided to take one of their favourite books “There’s nothing to do on Mars” Chris Gall and retell the story in new way.

Back to space we go!

There is just so much to share with you. The blog would explode! I will put a little bit on each day. It is incredible. The research and thinking is amazing.

To begin…

I am supporting this inquiry by facilitating the use of technology, finding apps and other research tools. I am making sure the children have access to as many art supplies as they need. Most importantly when the children plan their own day we make sure there is them plenty of time to inquire and design.

Talking and sharing ideas.

I have given lots of time to talking about their ideas. We spent some time discussing the title of the animation and this generated a huge amount of discussion. You can see from the video showing their preexisting ideas. They wanted to see Pluto and then discovered it was no longer considered a planet. A big discussion followed.

We want to our Mars to look real. Art from research. on PhotoPeach

How is my child doing with their writing?

Celebration of learning Publishing Party- party planning.

Unit of inquiry- How we organise ourselves.

Here is a video of the children writing their lists for the celebration of learning, publishing party. Observe the great discussion. See their list of ideas outside the classroom. The video shows the children working together to make a list of food and items they would like.

NOTE: Great collaboration, cooperation and respecting others.

Applying taught skills: list making, phonics and editing work.

Now remember this was only about ten minutes of their day!