Parent Sharing October

On the last Thursday of every month we invite parents to come into the class and the children act as their learning guides. This month the  children quickly made a list of all the things they wanted to share with their parents.

  • The portraits they are making in art, a work in progress.
  • The schedule and why the children design it each day.
  • The diagrams of their bodies, finding out what they know about their bodies.
  • Where is … a diagram of where an emotion is in their body and where it moves to.
  • The glitter jar, a representation of the whirling emotions and ideas we feel and how we calm these feelings.
  • The gong which makes a soft sound you can listen to.
  • The Learning Wall which captures thinking and learning.

The children and parents also formed into groups to play cards, share board games and have fun learning together.

Parent Sharing October 2015 on PhotoPeach Thank you Ms Connie

Parent sharing time.

Making learning visible in Kindergarten.

The aim of the student sharing time was for children to begin to take responsibility for explaining their learning. Getting ideas from their heads and articulating thoughts. I feel very strongly that parents get to share and understand how their children learn. It was good to see so many parents at school this mornings sharing time. Thank you for your time and support.

I would like to hear from you. Do you think this is a useful? Was it a good use of you and your child’s time?

First time children share their learning with their parents. on PhotoPeach