Parent sharing time.

Making learning visible in Kindergarten.

The aim of the student sharing time was for children to begin to take responsibility for explaining their learning. Getting ideas from their heads and articulating thoughts. I feel very strongly that parents get to share and understand how their children learn. It was good to see so many parents at school this mornings sharing time. Thank you for your time and support.

I would like to hear from you. Do you think this is a useful? Was it a good use of you and your child’s time?

First time children share their learning with their parents. on PhotoPeach

First Day Photostory.

Looking forward to sharing many more precious moments with you.

The First Day in Kindergarten-2011-12 on PhotoPeach

Both classes came together for a story.  Zoe read “We Share Everything” by Robert Munch.  The story starts on the first day of Kindergarten.  After reading the story, w asked the children what they would like to learn in Kindergarten.

Play together
The first time I was here, in two minutes i made a friend
We are going to behave
We need to sleep!
Go crazy.
I want to learn letters.
I know how to do everything already.
Do you know how to fly a space ship?
I want to learn what shoes are made from.
I want to know where is the gym.
I know already that the gym has a bathroom and toilets.
You have to drink because its hot, so much on hot days.
If you fly a space ship you always have a space suit on.

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When was the last time your child inspired you, or made you look at the world in a different way?

IMG_2070Kento picked the  glass shapes  and started sorting them on the light table. He arranged them into shapes. Julia came along and watched him. Taiki soon followed. They said they were watching to see if Kento’s work was beautiful. They decided it was beautiful. I placed the colour lenses near them and put one to my eye. They decided to do the same whilst looking at kento’s shapes. They decided this was…

Kento’s Beautiful Things.

Kento’s beautiful things. on PhotoPeach

I wanted to respect this work and the children’s sentiment, so I made a photopeach to show Kento’s beautiful things. His designs inspired me to create.

A post card from Molly

Molly is in England and the children were very excited today to get a post card from her. They wanted to put them on the blog. They have also decided to make a display of the post cards to put on the wall. This has generated lots of discussion about how to display things so they look good.

A post card from Molly. on PhotoPeach