KP 2010-11 made a video to help the new KP class and their parents learn about kindergarten.

As we begin a new academic year one last video for the parents and children of KP 2010-11. For the new KP class welcome to your first blog post and video.

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Let the fun and learning continue…

Learning beyond the classroom- beautiful maths for Molly.

Molly is in England and we all miss her very much. The good news is we can stay in touch and continue learning together. The children decided the best way to share their maths with Molly was to make her a video. They decided what they wanted to share. Here it is.

The children decided to call the it the ‘beautiful maths for Molly video’.

Today we shared our portfolio’s with our Grade Five Buddies.

IMG_11165G We thought it was good because we know more about our reading budddies. Interesting to see what can they do. We IMG_1119understand them. There is sharing with older and younger. They can see what they will learn when they are older.

KP It is interesting and they have lots of words. I want my buddy to see what I did, then she will know what I did.

Kindergarten children as teachers-If you give a 5 year old a video camera they will…

They are only five. How can they teach and video?

I took a video/camera (Canon IXY) out of the library yesterday. My instinct told me the children were ready to explore video making. I told them it was available and said I would help if they needed me to. I tried to explain about camera shake (I got them to shake their heads around and tell me how it felt); however, this seems best learned by seeing an example of their work!

I showed two children how to:

  • Turn it on
  • Turn it to video
  • Record and stop recording.


I was looking through their video’s and came across what seemed like a disaster piece of camera shake, it wasn’t. It was two children trying to make a ‘how to’ video about the iPad. I was so excited by this. I got them to look at their video, praised the concept and gave them a few tips to remake the video.


  • Like voicethread, think before you record. Have an idea of what you want to do.
  • Think about where you video, should it be messy, tidy or do you want to show something special?
  • Maybe sit or stand somewhere so the camera doesn’t wobble.

I sat by them as they recorded their video, but did not do anything, apart from beam with pride!

They picked the title slide and end slide. I edited the video.

I have included their first video, it is shaky (about 10 seconds) but a good record, so don’t worry it gets clearer.

Ready to learn how to use the iPad from a five and six year old?

How can you do all this technology teaching? How can you find the time?

How well is my child doing learning about technology?

IMG_1004Today we created expert badges. Every child picked their area of  technological expertise and we made them a sticky label. They can now help other adults or children. Needless to say they are very proud. PLEASE ask them about their badge.

The children have had the laptops for two weeks now. I have watched them develop a learning community. One person learns something and shares their expertise. This has really made the children consider what they are good at and has made them verbalise their skills.  Sometimes I explicitly teach something to one child and they become the expert and share it with others.

I generally do not teach something twice. Voicethread has been the exception to this, but now I have a little ‘how to’ comment at the beginning of the presentation (I made this as I was teaching the class) and left another one with feedback. The children checked it out and changed their recordings.

This voice thread is the result of a field trip exploring limited space in Yokohama. It is part of our unit of inquiry. The Japanese department took us for a walking tour. The children took the photographs.

NOTE: The children worked out how to do video recording by themselves. I did not teach them this. My ‘how to’ and feedback comments are on the first slide.

Children teaching children First time with the laptop at school.

This is possibly one of the most amazing experiences I have had as a teacher.

I decided to just give the children the laptops and see what they did with them. First I gave the tech department some cakes so they were in a good frame of mind if the children crashed the computers 🙂 By the time I had the last child back to the room with their laptop, the children were already at work. I didn’t even get a chance to give them my ‘you can do it’ rallying call. They had already decided by themselves they were in control of this!

It just gave me goose bumps on the skin to watch this. As the children were at work a group of visiting teachers came in, they were very impressed with the level of cooperation and collaboration shown. There is lots of talk of technology making children isolated and making them mindless. I have found the children are constantly working together, talking and problem solving.

My observation would be, technology integration in the classroom is as good as the teacher and their approach. If children are allowed to think, explore and problem solve they bring this to any new area of learning. If they are constrained into thinking there is only one right way they will wait to be given that one way.

Please enjoy this video, you are going to be so proud of your child.

Children teaching parents-blog launch and iPad party.

What do you think?

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Thank you for making my day and giving your time. Every minute of this was a joy. I was so nervous and the children were so relaxed. They took such control of the event. It was as I thought, they just didn’t need me. I can’t wait to share the video’s with you of the event. I also have loads of great video’s of the children as they are learning.

On another note, their  IT (technology skills) skills are incredible. They teach each other and me. They just go from strength to strength. They buzz around the room like bees. They find out something and take it and show someone else. I teach one child and they teach the others. They  find new things and teaching me. So exciting. I love teaching and learning from this class.

Maybe we should have another Technology party and the children can show you some of the programmes we are using? What do you think?

The children taught the parents to use our blog and iPads. It was a blog launch and iPad party. on PhotoPeach

Are you willing to be taught by a 6 year old?

We are collaborating with the Japanese department on our new unit of inquiry. Tasha suggested we use Goggle earth to explore Japan. Whilst exploring the apps Anton (aged 6) found Goggle maps in strip designer, he thinks it is easier to use. He taught me, I showed one Japanese teacher and Anton helped another teacher. Here is a video of one class teaching another class.