At last…Kindergarten tried,tested,children and teacher approved iPad apps.

The Kindergarten is developing  a  site  for parents and teachers, listing most of the apps the teachers and children find are working best. Look in the iPad apps section. There is also a general section which may help teachers (handy IT tools). The home page has a few funny video’s. Overtime we will add links to specific maths and language sites that help kindergarten children and their families.


I keep going on about it but once again… I believe the apps and the iPads are as good as the teacher using them. I endeavor to allow children to create their own understanding. Facilitate their learning whilst empowering them to help each other  solve problems. The iPad can be a glorified worksheet that beeps or more. At present the range of apps that allow for problem solving and creative thinking is limited, but growing all the time. The problem solving and creativity comes from how the children choose to use the apps to enhance their understanding.

Enjoy, parents and teachers let me know if this is of any use to you.

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Learning beyond the classroom- beautiful maths for Molly.

Molly is in England and we all miss her very much. The good news is we can stay in touch and continue learning together. The children decided the best way to share their maths with Molly was to make her a video. They decided what they wanted to share. Here it is.

The children decided to call the it the ‘beautiful maths for Molly video’.

KP-Staying connected through technology.

This week we all stayed connected as a class. Some children tweeted pictures to friends who are in another country and we used email. These ideas came from the children. They wanted things to go on the blog so everyone could share it.

An email message from Molly.

Our KP community and stay connected with technology.

Our KP community and stay connected with technology.

To Ms Zoe and everyone in KP

What are you doing at school?
I am going to a school in England because my daddy is going to America and so we are staying in England longer.  I have made a friend called Bonita and the teacher is called Mrs Bovis.  The class is different because there are lots more children and in the morning the teacher says good morning and everyone has to say good morning Mrs Bovis

and I miss you so much love from molly.
Our Reply:
Mai: I miss you to. What do you do at school?
Jolie: I hope you have a good time.
Taiki: I miss you so much.
Sojiro: Are you happy?
Julia: Are you doing good?
Kento: Are you sad or are you happy? Have a good time.
Kana: Have a good trip.
Ms Yukka: I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
Ms Zoe: Hello gorgeous, please have a fantastic visit. See if there are rock pools, it was my favourite thing to do in Devon when I was little… oh and fish and chips!
What we are doing:
Kana and Kento have come to our class. We are sending you some pictures of us. The cherry blossom has come out.

Do video games teach young children?

I found this great short video about game based learning, which is a little bit different from just playing any video game. I found it very interesting, I hope you do to.

Do the children play video games, are they educational?

Are they addicted?

“Here Ms Zoe, here’s one even you can do.”

The favourite game at the moment is called TRACE. You have to make a person move across obstacles by designing a path. I find it extremely frustrating. There is so much to consider. There are obstacles, gravity, pathways and timing. Today the  children came to me with the simplest version they could find. This illustrates my point perfectly. The children see this as a time to learn, problem solve,  share and help others.

What about K-Perfect and game based learning?

Here is a picture from today

IMG_1668 I have come to think of the class as a colony of bees. They all have roles. Today we have one bee working alone solving a problem in a game. Another bee has come in for some advice. They work alone, they work together, but this is not an isolationist activity. They talk to each other to solve problems, share strategies. The language used is impressive.

Are they addicted?

No… Do they love it and want to get to the next level?… yes. They do want to use this game most of all. Think about it… we all have a favourite addiction: TV show, best run to beat or book to read. Moderation in all things. This is something we need to teach the children and model ourselves.

Watch this space and I will get the children to tell you about Trace.

Come in a tried it.

Space-the voice over

The children realised that if the film is going to sound like a ‘real film’ they must use expression when they read the script. They each decided which parts they wanted to read and practiced on photo booth. This was their idea.

It maybe a bit long but it is wonderful. I tried to do a photo booth to… it was the snowy Friday. You may question my class control skills after seeing it! I put it in because it still makes me laugh when I watch it.

It’s a book!

This is KP’s favourite You Tube video right now.  It shows the differences between paper books and technology. Very funny. It has inspired them to make a trailer for their movie with 4G… more info to follow.

What the children said:

Paper doesn’t need batteries.  You don’ t need to charge it.   But we have books that need batteries. The iPad needs electricity.  You can turn pages on the iPad. The iPad reads to you all the time. Sometimes grown ups are busy, but the iPad can read to you. You can learn to read with both books.

KP-Number Boggle

Do you want to learn how to play number boggle? Watch this video Mai, Sojiro, Jolie and Molly made it for you.

I helped edited but the filming and ideas are all there’s. I only saw it at the editing stage. Note the incredible filming, directing and cast.

How many ways can you find?

Please share with us, leave comments or tweets.