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Hello, my name is Zoe Page and I am a teacher of young children. I have spent most of my teaching career working in International Schools (Kuwait, Qatar,Britain,Tokyo,Bangkok and Yokohama).


About Zoe as an educator

I believe that learning is a social process that calls upon children, their families and teachers to  construct, share and reflect upon learning. I believe that respectful relationships are built from positive presumptions, in a safe and trusting environment, where personal energy is directed to learning.

I understand that children share their understandings in many ways and value creative, physical and social expressions of learning. In a learning environment with defined curriculum outcomes I believe personal passions and individual expressions of learning provide catalysts for authentic, meaningful engagement with the curriculum. I am memory keeper and a curator of thinking.

I co-author documentation with children, sharing developing understandings and experiences through video,  a class blog and individual  digital Learning Journals. I believe the thoughtful use of technology in an early childhood setting offers a set of powerful tools for the documentation of sustained in-depth inquiry. This documentation is a celebration of creativity and co-constructed learning.

Documentation and technology are tools for reflection and the sharing of ideas between children, teachers, their families and the wider world. This personal learning network challenges and extends current understanding, inviting all involved  to engage with new perspectives. It is an extension of the social process of learning.

For short video about myself CLICK HERE (old, but the sentiment is unchanged)

How you shape your child as a learner.

This is an email from my mum about the blog. I want to share it with you because parents have so much power to influence their children. I was brought up by parents who supported me in everything I did. As a result I believe  I am an adult who is prepared to take a risk.  I know I am supported and loved. What my family say is important to me. I know what you say to your child is very important to them.

My mum and dad’s email

Zoe I just loved it. Well done. So proud of you. It is bound to go down a treat. I managed to navigate the site. That made me feel good. Just loved the music too. Love Mum XXXXXXX

What a wonderful presentation, watch it lots of times it just gets better, where does this talent come from, we are so proud of your achevments,it brings a tear to the eye,what a pleasure it it to have not one but two talented daughters, and son inlaw, I am so proud I could bust, it is such a wonderful way to learn, its a long way from slate and chalk,

hope the launch went well, I will say it again BRIL/BRIL/BRIL.


August 2017

Our focus on the digital learning journal has gone very well. We have found it to be a powerful tool to connect, students, parents and a broader community of learners. As a school we will be using the blog feature on the Seesaw tool. The Seesaw blog offers a space for short educational write ups, but they also appear on the children’s personal learning journal. So I don’t want to use this to much, as I want their learning journal to honor them.  For this reason I have elected to continue the class blog. It will focus more heavily on personal pedagogical reflections. It will not be a tool I use with the children, so this is a change in focus for me. I am choosing to share this with parents so they can be part of my  deeper reflective process. I am wondering how helpful this will be? Will parents read this blog?

August 2016

We have decided to use the Seesaw digital platform for children to have personal Learning Journals. These will take the place of our paper portfolios. This is something we have been researching for over two years. This platform offers opportunities for students, parents, teachers and the wider community to share learning in timely, authentic ways. As one of the children noted, Paper is just paper, but with Seesaw you can talk and people can hear your learning.”

These digital Learning Journals help make learning and thinking visible to others.  They compliment our Learning Wall.

August 2015

From discussions with children, parents and teachers we have made some changes to our areas of inquiry. One of our focus areas will be giving service to others. This is something everyone felt passionate about and wanted to engage in. (One example was the G1 community making onigiri for the homeless shelter.)

Technology focus. We will begin our year with a focus on our personal history, this gives us an opportunity to get to know everyone in our learning community. We realise many people have family spread throughout the world. We will be using the Kidblog platform for the curation of digital documentation. It is a social process of digital documentation, which calls upon children, their families, teachers and the wider world to construct, share and reflect. It invites all involved to engage with new perspectives. We welcome everyone to engage with us.


August 2014

The culture of iPad use in Grade One centers around creating and sharing. We will be using the Kidblog platform for the curation of digital documentation. Your child’s blog is intended to be a celebration of co-constructed learning. It is a social process of digital documentation, which calls upon children, their families, teachers and the wider world to construct, share and reflect. It invites all involved to engage with new perspectives. Defined curriculum outcomes will be embraced through personal passions and individual expressions of learning, using authentic and meaningful technological documentation.

August 2013

Kindergarten team welcome video 2013-14

During the course of the summer I took an online course around the idea of e-portfolios. As a team we note young children are intrinsically motivated, passionate and self-directed, choosing to record and share their thinking and products through social media tools such as Fotobabble, Twitter and Instagram. The children reach out to in-school peers, global buddies and family. Anecdotal evidence shows that children are capable of documenting their own learning through the use of technology such as video and photography. How do we honour and archive this child generated digital documentation? I look forward to hearing your ideas and learning from your many perspectives.

August 2012

This page maps my learning journey, as the blog maps the learning journey of the children. I couldn’t imagine the learning environment for the children, parents, grandparents and myself without the blog as a component for sharing. Each year there are new tools which empower children to document their own learning. My chief motivator is the annual email from a grand parent who is thrilled to be part of the grand child’s life, even though they are often continents apart.

Collaborations with other classes who are not in our physical space has become a natural part of our curriculum, from writing books together to sharing information and insights. The children and I have been using Skype, Twitter and Goggle docs  and created an iBook to share our understandings.

These are some of the key points I am considering. You could say they are the next stage in the learning journey.

  • Carefully evaluate the role of iPads and technological tools within our program. Find the highest quality apps that allow children to think and create in the broadest terms. Use Apps that fuel thinking and problem-solving.
  • Think big, set high standards and work with the unexplored, not for its own sake but because it enhances our ability to communicate and think in new ways.
  • Question everything we do with regards to technology and make it work for us.

October 2012 Meeting Dean Shareski

Learning Leader @Learning2. Beijing
Dean Shareski and Zoe

Starting the blog has lead to unexpected opportunities. I was lucky enough to be a Learning Leader at the Learning 2. conference in Beijing. This is a direct result of blogging.

 August 2011

I wanted to update this space as we approach the new academic year. Everything I wrote before still applies, what amazes me is my own professional growth with technology. I believe if we expect children to engage in learning, we should do it ourselves. It’s fun and frustrating. From  a techie beginner I have worked really hard and was lucky enough to be chosen as an Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2011. I have presented at conferences about using technology in the Early Years.

I thought I would share my bio that is on the Apple educator site.

Children in Control, teachers as well informed facilitators.

I work within a ‘children in control’ iPad and Mac Book program in Kindergarten.

I understand the challenges and frustrations of learning new technologies and can therefore help others.

I seek and develop creative ways in which technology can facilitate children taking control of their learning.

I create and share video that highlights the thoughtful use of technology in Early Years education and the young child’s right to create their own learning, supported by well-informed teachers and parents.

I develop an ‘I can do it’ attitude with those I engage with. I believe smart learners say, ‘I don’t know’, they ask questions, and develop strategies to seek solutions.

Archive of my personal learning journey with technology and the blog.

I watched Dean Shareski’s video from the online learning conference, Sharing: The Moral Imperative and was inspired to begin sharing. I attended  workshops run by Kim Cofino and one by Julie Lindsay. This gave me two things: the confidence to try new technology ideas and to think globally. Going beyond my classroom, beyond my school and beyond existing colleagues.  Technologically shaking hands with new people and the world.



12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I just added a new dot on your Clustermap from New Zealand. Blogging and sharing my practise has so enriched my teaching and my life- meeting virtually and face-to-face with many new friends.

    All the best for your journey.

  2. Hi Zoe,

    I just wanted to show you how quickly even the desire to share and open up can affect others. I am a teacher who loves to share on line and as a result, I have started a blogging club for teachers. I can’t wait to use your simple post as a model of what the first step looks like. You have laid out some clear expectations and objectives, but also gave yourself lots of room for trial & error and growth.

    Kudos to you and good luck on your journey. I have worked with Kim in the past, so I know you are in good hands, but don’t forget there are hundreds of teachers out here looking to share once you come out and join us.

  3. What a fantastic start to your sharing journey! I love the thinking you are sharing, not only with your parents, but also your fellow colleagues out there in the blogosphere! I’m putting your blog in my RSS reader, and looking forward to reading some more about what you’re doing. Awesome job!

  4. I have added your RSS feed to my Google Reader and will be sharing your blog with other Kindergarten teachers. Thank you for becoming part of a network of teachers who share , contribute AND teach well beyond the walls of their classrooms.
    Greetings from Florida/USA

  5. Hi, Zoe. Thanks for sharing the notes from your mom and dad. It says a lot to us as parents how important those words of encouragement are and how signficant they are to our learning—all our life-long.

  6. Hi Zoe. As always you are pushing the barriers when it comes to Early Childhood practice and technology. Well done – you are an inspiration.

  7. Hi Zoe,

    actually Jeff Utecht gave me your name and he mentioned that you developed a worksheet for evaluating apps for the iPads that combines Bloom’s Taxonomy and SAMR. I’m actually revise my choice of apps and I’m looking for a good tool.
    I really would appreciate if you could help me out.

    Thanks in advance!

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