3rd grade learns how to build a 3-dimensional paper structure

The 3rd graders have been focusing on sculpture, specifically on the manipulation of (2-dimensional) sheets of paper to create 3-dimensional forms: by folding, curling, fringing, looping, and spiraling.  Now, they are working in small groups — balanced according to their self-assessed strengths (drawing, painting, building, measuring, ideating) — to create sculptures of letters of the alphabet.  Students will have to determine how to create their sculptures so as to represent themselves both as individuals and as “3rd graders”.  In the end, their sculptures will be combined to create a phrase focused on the central idea of their first unit.

Here are the 3rd graders at work on their introductory project and on their new and current project:

The accompanying instructional videos detail the skills and processes which the 3rd graders have been practicing and using in art class; they may be watched at home by students who want further practice.

basic 3D paper manipulations from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

how to create a three-dimensional letter from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


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