3rd Grade moves forward with their 3-D constructions

Now working in small groups to create sculptures of letters of the alphabet, 3rd Graders are thinking about how to create their sculptures so as to represent themselves both as individuals and as “3rd graders”. They work together, aware of each others’ particular strengths (drawing, painting, building, ideating, measuring, etc) as they share tasks. As they finish constructing the letters with stiff paper, tape, and scissors, they move on to the next step: enveloping their structures with paper and glue (“papier maché”). In the end, all the 3rd graders’ letters will be combined to create a phrase focused on the central idea of their first unit and visually reflective of those images, ideas, thoughts, fantasies, and passions particular to 3rd grade.

Here is the instructional video the students watched in order to reinforce the paper mache (“papier maché”) process.

how to create a three-dimensional letter II from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Here are pictures of the students as they design and construct their letters before beginning the paper mache process.

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