How all art students clean up after painting

Our art studio is a shared space where we all work on creative, fun, and sometimes messy artwork.  Each week 230 students come through the studio to learn about and make art; on a single day, as many as 80 students have art class!

The reason that the room and our tables are so clean when you come to art class is that the previous class did such a good job of cleaning up their projects and materials.  If you arrive and the tables are wet or there is glue or papers or pastels all over the tables, then you know the previous students didn’t do a very good clean-up job.

Painting is especially wet and messy, and so all the ES students will be watching the following video (kindergarten and 5th grade have already seen it) which demonstrates how to clean up the art studio at the end of a painting class.

I should note that the kindergarten students and the 5th graders did a fine job of cleaning up after painting this week!


How to clean up after painting from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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