Kindergarten constructs their self-portrait sculptures

The students have almost all finished their drawings (self-portraits) which represent themselves visually in three stages of their lives: as a baby, as a kindergartener, and as a grown-up.  The students have been drawing, coloring, and cutting out these three head-to-toe self-portraits, depicting themselves (face, clothes, favorites toys and/or other special objects) in these different times of their lives: past, present, and future.  Now they are assembling the pictures along with a chosen painting, as they begin to create a 3-dimensional sculptural piece from these 2-dimensional drawings.

One thought on “Kindergarten constructs their self-portrait sculptures

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog! It is awesome!! IT is great seeing what you are doing with the students. I really appreciate how you included the PYP learner profiles into their reflection of their art work/habits. It is clear you collaborate with the classroom teachers and tie in what they are learning in other classes to your art curriculum. It is all great!
    I have a couple of questions about kindergarten… How did you teach the kindergarten to use the glue guns? that is great! And i noticed wit the collage project the students cut from long rectangular paper strips. It looked like all the students cut straight across the strip creating squares or rectangles for their collage, and it seemed no one cut triangles or other shapes. Did you instruct them kids to do this, was it how you demonstrated or just what they chose? I am just curious.
    I am thrilled to read your blog! Your link to this blog is now on my menu bar! Thanks Aaron! Excellent blog!

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