First Grade sculpts and draws living things

In their homeroom classes, the First Graders have been studying the rights and responsibilities of people and living things — looking at how people have an impact on the environment. In each homeroom, students created three-dimensional dioramas depicting a natural environment as well as the impact of the choices people make on that environment. And so in art class we have learned about sculpting and drawing living things (animals, insect, fish, trees, and plants) so as to contribute, visually, to the diorama and eventually to our hallway outside the classrooms. Currently, the first graders have been practicing drawing animals and insects and are now embarking on the creation of big paper sculptures of their favorite living things.

The following video shows the process the 1st graders — and all ES students — use to become proficient at drawing what they see.  Limited to 10 minutes, the video is a basic overview and does not cover all the finer points of observational drawing. Students who are practicing at home with this 3-step drawing process are encouraged to bring their drawing to Mr. Reed for discussion, suggestions, and “next step” ideas!

how to draw what you see from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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