5th Graders develop their Impressionist paintings & reflect on themselves as learners

The 5th graders have been working to develop a personal kind of Impressionist painting by studying the work of the Impressionists (Monet, Sisley, Morisot, Pissarro), copying one of their paintings, and then altering the image to include a personal item which reflects something about their own interests or passions. After making a basic sketch of the landscape, the students started by painting variations of the dominant color (mixed by hand on each student’s own palette) and then developing the painting using the Impressionist technique, using many tints, and creating dark areas and shadows without using the color black.

Along with painting and discussing the contributions of the Impressionists to the art world, the 5th graders took time to reflect on themselves as well. After considering the PYP learner profile (CARING, COMMUNICATOR, RISK-TAKER, PRINCIPLED, KNOWLEDGEABLE, THINKER, INQUIRER, REFLECTIVE, OPEN-MINDED, BALANCED), each student selected which two words best describes him/herself in art class and then wrote a brief explanation of this self-reflection.

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