3rd Graders plan for a new performance and reflect on themselves

The 3rd grade classes have been brainstorming ideas for their new, upcoming drama performance, pondering the questions:
What do you need to plan a performance?
Visually, what best communicates your story to the audience?
After generating numerous ideas, the students broke into small groups to discuss and plan for the most important prop, costume, and set design ideas, making notes and sketches in their sketchbooks before regrouping to discuss their priorities as a whole class.

Next, having decided on the necessary items to be made, the students worked in groups to move from the planning stage to the construction stage: studying their plans, gathering the required materials, and beginning to build the various props, scenery pieces, and costume accessories.

Additionally, the students have taken time recently to reflect on themselves as learners in art class. After considering the PYP learner profile (CARING, COMMUNICATOR, RISK-TAKER, PRINCIPLED, KNOWLEDGEABLE, THINKER, INQUIRER, REFLECTIVE, OPEN-MINDED, BALANCED), each student selected which two words best describes him/herself in art class and then wrote a sentence or two explaining their reasoning.

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