Kindergarten constructs forms with shapes: new abstract, 3-D sculptures

Earlier in the semester, the kindergarteners created hanging sculptures — out of paper, pencils, colored markers, colored pencils, staples, and string — self-portraits which depict themselves at three different points in their own lives. More recently, the students returned to sculpture, but this time with a different purpose in mind: they were learning how to construct three-dimensional forms using two-dimensional shapes, and doing it with cardboard shapes and while learning to use a hot-glue gun to assemble these elements.

After looking at images of construction (buildings, houses, bridges) and the different tools people use to build, the students saw a variety of images of abstract sculptures made by artists, identifying the shapes and materials that artists use. Once at their tables, the kindergarteners assembled the various square, rectangle, and triangular cardboard pieces by adhering them with the hot glue (and learning how to take care of themselves if a bit of hot glue gets on the skin!). The students impressively became adept at using these tools and in creating very compelling forms, which — as the children noted — look like all sorts of interesting things. The next step will be to add colors to these sculptures.

One thought on “Kindergarten constructs forms with shapes: new abstract, 3-D sculptures

  1. You are providing some fantastic learning experiences for the kids! It is great to see what you are doing. I am always learning something from you!
    Thank you for sharing.

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