Kindergarten explores collage: shapes, colors, patterns, and expressions

As the Kindergarteners continue on their ‘personal journey’ this year, they encounter new challenges, media, and processes in art class. In art class, as in the homeroom class, we read picture books together which contain illustrations created using collage. Having done considerable drawing and painting and sculpture in earlier projects, they have recently been creating collages. using simple shapes (square, rectangle, triangle) and colors (red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple) to create portraits with particular expressions (happy, sad, angry, scary, afraid, bored, etc). Subsequently, each student mounted his/her collaged portrait on larger paper and created a patterned, collaged “frame” for their artwork. We will return to collaged portraits later on. Using very different materials than the first time, we will be noting the similarities and differences as we work.

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