2nd Grade creates books: communicating one’s passion visually — without words

Having completed their three-dimensional clay sculptural portraits, the 2nd graders have moved on to a different type of construction: the creation of small books. The objective of this project is two-fold: to express a personal passion and to communicate this passion in a book with no words, only images.

The students have used sketching as a method of making notes of their thoughts. Through discussion and describing their images, the students begin to hone their choices as to what pictures best convey what they are passionate about. Once they’ve chosed their images, the children are challenged to draw them so that they are recognizable; in some cases they must add critical details to their drawings in order to make the audience aware of their imagery. Students collaborate and give one another feedback so as to reach a visual clarity in their artwork.

Once the images are drawn in pencil and then traced in black ink, the assembly of the book and covers will begin.

Here’s the video the students watched to help them begin to construct their books:

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