4th Grade returns to work on their tessellations

Having completed their projects (wearable patterned garments) for their Ainu unit and performances, the 4th graders used the final weeks of Semester 1 to focus on their tessellations, the project they began at the beginning of the year. Before creating their Ainu garments, the students examined patterns and tessellations, specifically the artwork of M.C. Escher, a Dutch artist who was inspired in his cross-European travels to Southern (Moorish) Spain.

Now they are returning to this tessellation project, in which they have created individual motifs (shapes) and repeated them to create interlocking, puzzle-like patterns across the entire surface of their papers. The creative aspect of the project comes with each student having to decide how to transform these repeated shapes into something visually interesting and/or recognizable, something reflecting the interest of each student.

Some examples of their work are seen here:

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