Kindergarten paints their self-portraits

The kindergarten students — having just completed their mid-year self-portrait drawing — have been working on self-portraiture in a different medium: paint. Whereas their previous encounter with paint was very experimental, using a variety of tools to manipulate the paint in terms of lines, shapes, colors, and texture, this art project had the children sit in front of mirror with a palette of paint and some brushes and attempt to create a likeness of themselves — albeit with much creative license! Before sitting down to work, the class observed, reacted to, and discussed a wide variety of portrait paintings by artists or varying styles (Alice Neel, Max Beckmann, Paul Cezanne, Frida Kahlo, Peter Paul Rubens, and Henri Matisse, to name a few).

This project allows for further experimentation with risk-taking, decision-making, color-mixing, independence, and self-evaluation, and it leads us into the next version of their self-portraits (which will incorporate both digital photography and hand-coloring with pastels).

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