First graders continue working on their self (& family) portraits

Continuing on with the first graders’ homeroom study of how one’s family history provides insight into one’s own personal identity, the students are continuing to move forward with their family portraits — first, by creating a large, life-size, half-body self-portrait painting.

Soon, these self-portraits will become family portraits as the students begin to add images from their memory of family events or from their knowledge of their family history (which they are discussing with Ms. Robidoux and Ms. Saito).  In the meantime, the students come to realize that the seemingly simple act of drawing oneself has many complexities and challenges, as does the process of mixing the paint in one’s palette to create the desired tones for skin and hair. They continue to learn about drawing and about how to depict the human face but also about taking risks in doing things differently than before, about inquiring into oneself and one’s family, and about reflecting on one’s and one’s own family’s experiences.

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