2nd Grade completes their “Passion” books

After several weeks of focusing on the visual depiction of their favorite things, the second graders have finished the construction of their books as of this week. The objective of this drawing and bookmaking project was to understand that people can communicate visually: the students sought to express a personal passion and to communicate this passion in a book without words, only images.

The students began by sketching as a method of making notes of their thoughts about the things they like and like to do. Through discussion and describing these images, the students determined what pictures best convey what they are passionate about. Having chosen their images, the children drew them realistically (either from memory or via downloaded images from the laptops); then added critical details to their drawings; inked the pictures; cut & glued them into their folded pages; and finally, constructed the front and back covers by carefully wrapping the hardcover boards with a selection of printed Japanese paper.

See our young, passionate bookmakers in progress below…

Here is the video the students watched to learn how to wrap their two covers with the Japanese paper:

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