The Young Artists Group and the new Y.I.S. mural

The girls of the Young Artists Group ESA — Grace, Wonkyung, Meg, Lente, Yein, and Wenyu — have been hard at work for several weeks preparing to paint the new mural which will begin to appear soon on the side of the Inge Building.

The mural will depict some of the most common outside-of-class activies among YIS students: the things students do before school, during recess, break, lunchtime, and after school. The six girls observed and surveyed a number of young people from elementary, middle, and high school so as to determine exactly what it is that our students do when not in class.

Most of the images that girls selected and created have been transformed into life-size paper stencils which will allow the girls to transfer their design to the brick wall. Soon, after tracing the body shapes onto the bricks, they will begin painting them. And slowly you will see appear some “shadows” on the side of the Inge Building — be on the lookout for them!

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