5th Graders express beliefs via self-portraiture (and graffiti)

In their homeroom classes, the 5th graders have been addressing the central idea that “there are many ways to create peaceful solutions to conflict” by looking at how each student manages situations of conflict and interpersonal problems. And so in art class, we are taking this opportunity to create self-portraits that express each person’s understanding or belief about this theme.

Students are incorporating both drawing (pencil) and collage (magazines primarily) to represent their own faces and to communicate their particular belief or understanding about peace and conflict resolution. The students are also required to use text (words or sentences) in addition to imagery in their picture. Previously, students were instructed in ways of observing themselves in mirrors and depicting their faces by drawing, although the amount and type of drawing in this project is entirely up to each student.

Additionally, as some students have shown an interest in graffiti (see one of the videos we watched below), we have begun a 1×2 meter collaborative graffiti drawing. On a large paper on the wall, students take turns drawing for 5 minutes each with a black marker. The guidelines are: 1. draw locally 2. draw what you know 3. do not deface others’ art 4. no stick figures.

See the students at work here on both the self-portraits and the graffiti drawing:

Graffiti video of artist team “Mulheres Barbadas” (the Bearded Ladies):

MB @ Nova SP – MIS / SP from Mulheres Barbadas on Vimeo.

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