4th & 5th ESA artists have begun painting the new mural

After weeks of brainstorming, research, surveying students, drawing, cutting, and then tracing the images directly on the Inge Building wall, the Young Artists Group has now begun painting the new mural. This past week, the six girls donned protective art shirt and gloves and then set out in the cool, wet winter air with brushes and paint and wet sponges (to take care of any messes). They carefully painted along the detailed edges of the body shapes first — these pretend “shadows” of students engaged in their favorite out-of-class activities — before beginning to fill in the interior areas. Soon 4pm was upon us and we headed back indoors to clean up. Once ESA Session III begins, the Young Artists Group will be back on the job to complete the project and provide the YIS campus with its new mural.

Then, we’ll begin our next Public Art project… wait and see.

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