Kindergarten explores different ways to make and color pictures

A central idea in Kindergarten is that materials can be manipulated to suit a purpose. So, in art class, we take the time to consider the various types of materials that can be used to create artwork — or anything that the children’s minds think up.

As we seem to spend a lot of our drawing and painting time working on white paper, we decided to make pictures with white lines and shapes on black paper instead. After looking at different white-on-black images made by other artists, the students had their choice of what to depict.  Once their pictures were dry, we looked at the primary types of dry coloring materials that we use in art class: oil pastels, chalk pastels, colored pencils, and markers. Each student spend some time testing these colors on black paper, and then we discussed together their observations. Students then made choices about the type of coloring materials they used to color their white-on-black pictures.

Here’s the exploration in process:

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