2nd Graders illustrate their original stories

The Second Graders have been working in their homeroom classes on creating storybooks — written, illustrated, and published by each student individually — based on the central idea that stories can be constructed, retold, and interpreted in different ways.

In art class, the students have been focusing on how to communicate their stories visually through the illustrations which accompany the text on each page. By examining and reading a number of different storybooks, the students observe and discuss that there is a relationship between the pictures and words on a single page.  They also observe and come to understand that the illustrations can be greatly varied yet need enough detail to show the action, the important events of the story.

The Second Graders begun the visual aspect of their books by planning: creating storyboards with thumbnail sketches to show the basic progression of images. They are also making choices about how they publish their storybooks: the size, the manner of printing and displaying the text with the images, the binding, and various details concerning the front and back covers. Here are some images of these young author-illustrators at work:

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