Kindergarten artists explore materials and stretch their imaginations

Look here to see the young sculptors in action:

The kindergarteners have again been exploring the central idea that materials can be manipulated to suit a purpose. In art class, we have again taken the time to consider the various types of materials that can be used to create artwork — and talked more about how we can use our imagination to create things about which we are passionate and interested.

The children spent one class period playing — individually and with partners — with over 100 almost-discarded cardboard packing ‘elbows’, creating buildings and castles and vehicles and other sculptures. We were thankful that the IT Dept donated these elbows to our ES Art class.

The children then thought about and discussed what a single one of these packing elbows could become. Each student was given one, plus the choice of a variety of materials to attach to his/her piece — paper (straws, sheets), plastic (cord), and wood (beads, sticks) — using either glue guns or their hands (twisting, knotting). The children have been maturing in their ability to take responsibility for the care of tools and materials and for their own and others’ safety in the art studio environment.

Later, the students had the option to color their creations with paint. As they developed their sculptures, they were asked to identify: what they were making; why they chose to make that particular thing; the materials and processes used in their creation. Upon completion, each student briefly described his or her imaginary creation to the class.

As their kindergarten year ends, the students are continuing their hands-on, creative journey in enjoying their experiences creating and responding to artworks and in showing curiosity and asking questions about their own and others’ projects.

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