5th Grade ponders mistakes and risk-taking as they prepare for Middle School

At the beginning of art class this week, the 5th graders were presented with a quote — “If you are not making mistakes, you are not taking enough risks” — by artist and designer Debbie Millman.

The students were asked to consider this idea about mistakes & risk-taking by responding to the following question: Why is this idea important for Grade 6 art students?  Below are their thoughts.

Tuesday, class 5G:

“Making mistakes is better because make you learn and thing [think].” – Ares

“I agree with this because when you try something new you take a risk and you make mistakes. It’s important in 6th grade because in 6th grade you try new things.” – Kiyoka

“I think this is important for us because we have to be risk-takers even you makes mistakes and humans are perfect and its okay to make mistake. You make mistakes, you learn form the mistakes and you get better.” – Reina

“Because if you don’t take a risk you will be shocked or you will think I can’t do this enymore.” – Sayo

“I think you need it for 6th graders because you’ll need to do a better job than now and you learn from mistakes.” – William

“I think that this tells people that if you can make mistake that mean you are taking risks. Because it proves that you are risk taking and you can trust yourself to make mistake. Because you can learn from mistakes.” – Sae

“I think making mistake is good because if you don’t make mistake it mean your not trying and if you make mistake you should try to make it better.” – James

” I think this is not true because making alot of mistakes mean to get scolded alot.” – George

“Because from taking risks you learn to always take risks and if you make mistakes you learn from them. So always taik a risk.” – Brazil

“I think it is not good to not take risk and making mistake because if you make a mistake you will learn a lot from it so you can do it better next time.” – Shannah

“I think that people should take risk to improve there skills and we need to take risk to talk.” – Phillip

“Because in 6th grade you do new things! It’s OK to make mistakes. Mistakes -> challenging. Mistakes -> take more risks. Mistakes -> it makes you become closer to perfect.” – Nina

“I think it because when you will be in 6 grade, you will take a lot of risk. So you need to try.” – Toma

“I think it is important for 6th graders because they need to know how do things right and better so for harder projects you will be able to do it easily. And when you take risks and get it right, then you find a new way to do things.” – Akhil


Wednesday, class 5W:

“This idea is important for the grade 6 because if they make something they already do they will never learn.” – Ryan

“Because that is the best way to learn and if you don’t make mistakes you’ll never know how to fix them.” – Lente

“This is important for Grade 6 art students because it shows them that they don’t have to be scared to make mistakes. It also tells them that life is all about taking risks, and if you take risks you try new things.” – Amelia

“Because if you don’t take risks you wont make mistake so you won’t try new thing. Because when you try new things you can learn from what you did.” – Isabelle

“I you don’t make mistakes it means that you are not trying new things. Because when you make mistake it means you were trying something but it didn’t do it as you expected. It’s important to learn from your mistakes.” – Ceci

“Do mistakes and learn by doing it. You should to mistakes and learned from it.” – Oscar

“This idea is good because when you get older you will have to do many more risks. And you can learn from those mistakes.” – Anna

“I think that is right because if you don’t make much mistakes, your not challenging yourself and if you don’t challenge yourself you won’t know how to do anything.” – Rei

“I think you are not taking enough risks because if you took risk you might fail. If you take risk you can learn new things.” – Kenryo

“It’s important because the point is to communicate. No matter if you make mistakes. Unless you communicate. Communicate helps your work gets better.” – Ryu

“Cause if you don’t take risk you’re not making mistakes and if you don’t make mistake you won’t learn anything. Also by taking risk you can get new ideas.” – Haruna

“It would be important because no boy in this work is not perfect. Which means it is impossible. You have to make mistakes because you will not learn.” – Everest

“It is important because it will make us risk takers, so that we can discover new ways of working.” – Athul

“I think it is important because if you don’t make mistakes, you can never learn.” – Meg

“I think if we make mistakes, we get experience.” – Leon

“It is important because if you don’t take risks you don’t know the outcome of the risk because then you don’t learn new things.” – Grace

“If you don’t take risk you would not learn anything. By making mistakes you learn new things.” – Hyun-Seo


Thursday, class 5B:

“I think its right because art is about playing around with paints and mixing stuff and if you’re too careful, you will not invents a new stuff and you will not sucess.” – Yu-Jin

“I think if you take risks that mens you not make mestakes. I think it is a good thing to take risks because wen you rode your first time your bicycle you take risks.” – Julian

“Because as you get older, you need more hard experience that means.” – Shoichi

“This matters ’cause if you do mistake you learn more about it. For example you go out to present a speech and you make a mistake and you do that in front of loads of people you take a risk.” – Hana E.

“If you take a risk, you can do more things to fix and create.” – Wongyung

“I think it is important for Gr 6 art students because you can improve your work by making a mistake.” – Vienna

“I think that is true because when I try doing a skill that I’ve never done before in gymnastics and I make mistakes, but whenever I do a skill that I already know, I don’t make any mistakes. When you make mistakes you can go further and you can improve.” – Elena

“It’s important because it means that you got a try to gues sometime so you will fail and learn from you’re mistakes.” – David

“It means you’re not trying your hardest at what your doing. Learn form your mistakes.” – Owen

“You won’t improve if you don’t make mistake and risks.” – Kai

“If you take risks you might find out that you are good at different thing. It is also important to try new thing.” – Liam

“This is important Gr. 6 students because if you don’t make mistakes you won’t be able to arrange the mistakes to a cool thing.” – Julynn

“Being messy is art and when you make mistakes you learn from it so if you don’t make any mistake, then you don’t get better.” – Andreas

“I think it’s important because if you don’t make mistakes you don’t learn anything.” – Kelly

“I think it is important for art because art dose not have a right answer. So people could learn from them or even fix it and change it a little bit.” – Hana C.

” I think this is important because if you don’t make mistakes, you can’t think in lots of ways.” – Shion

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