Grade 2: How to bind your storybook

Grade 2 students who have completed their storybook illustrations and attached their text are ready for the final step: BOOKBINDING

These videos, below, will instruct you how to bind your books. There are 3 sections:
1. Prepare: how to prepare your pages to be bound properly.
2. Holes: how to make the holes in the spine of the book so that you can thread the holes.
3. Thread: this video is actually two video, Part 1 and Part 2
Part 1: how to thread your needle and begin the binding process
Part 2: how to complete the binding process and add glue for extra strength

***Always work slowly and carefully. The awl and the needle are sharp and should be treated with care. Always keep the needle in an eraser so that you don’t lose it. And keep all materials in their bag or box for safekeeping.

***Always tell your teacher when you begin to do your binding. At some steps you will need your teacher’s help.

***Stop the video whenever you are unsure of the next step. Ask your teacher for help if you are confused.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3, Part 1

Video 3, Part 2