Grade 5 Exhibition: The many ways people express themselves

The Grade 5 students worked diligently over several weeks in preparation for their culminating PYP unit, the Exhibition. Each student (having identified and chosen a particular interest or passion) worked to research, develop, express, and present some aspect of his/her interest to the school community.

In art class, the focus was on exploring the many different ways that human beings express themselves. After brainstorming over 40 different ideas, the students broke their long list into categories of “two-dimensional”, “three-dimensional”, and “other”. And so from the various two- and three-dimensional ideas, students began to think about appropriate, interesting, and eye-catching ways of visually displaying their knowledge at the exhibition.

In this unit, the Grade 5 students reflected on the factors that influence personal reactions to artwork and became increasingly independent in the realization of the creative process as they selected, researched, and developed an idea or theme for an artwork.

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