Grade 3 students complete their environmentally-aware comic strips

The Grade 3 students recently completed their comic strips which follow along with their unit on recycling, reusing, and waste — the central idea of which is that the choices people make as they buy and consume things can lead to the creation of waste. Each student’s personalized comic strip reflects some aspect of their understanding or belief about the effects of consumption, recycling, littering, or creating waste.

The students wrote and sketched as methods of brainstorming ideas, developed simple story lines, created rough sketches in pencil, and have now completed their final versions in pencil, ink, and colored pencil. The students are primarily focused on line, color, and balance in the development of their comic strip creations — aiming to make their images and words clear so that their audience understands their intent.

In this unit, these young artists used appropriate terminology to discuss artwork, and they created artwork for a specific audience. Here are some photos of the finished comic strips and the students in action:

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