Kindergarten explores materials and imagination

Our initial central idea in kindergarten this year is that “personal journeys show the way that people change and can lead to new opportunities.” Another of our central ideas is that “materials can be manipulated to suit a purpose”. In art class over the past several weeks, we have been addressing both of these notions as the children have expressed their desires in how to progress with their work.


So, in art class, we’re exploring a variety of materials and ideas across a few different projects: paintings, cardboard and playdough and clay sculptures, and multi-media sculptures.

We’re taking the time to:

1. to look at, question, enjoy experiencing, discuss the various types of three-dimensional works made by other artists (looking at pictures, watching videos, and examining others’ artworks);

2. to identify the materials and processes other artists use in the creation of their artworks;

3. to realize that our artwork has meaning;

4. to experiment with some different materials that can be used to create artwork (recently, we looked at, touched with our hands, and then used: paper, felt, burlap, paper straws, ribbon, wire, pipe cleaners, foam, string, uncooked pasta, scissors, glue, tape, staplers, hole punches, colored pencils, watercolor paints, markers, and pastels);

5. to explore the various processes that artists can employ with these materials and tools to create what they envision and to discover new ideas.

Through this exploration and by making decisions for themselves, the young students are creating original 3-D artworks, as seen in the slideshow of images above. Ask the students to explain their art as you look at the photos of them at work.

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    I always appreciate looking at you blog. I learn so much from reading and seeing what you are doing with the kids. You are an inspiring art teacher to other educators as well as other students.

    Thank you,
    Kirstin Hedger

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