Grade 1 creates life cycle dioramas

photo © by A.Reed

photo © by A.Reed

In their homeroom classes, the Grade 1 students examined how all living things go through a process of change. With Ms. Zoe and Ms. Saito the students looked at the cycles of life, how the creatures in our world change over their lifetime. And so in art class we have focused on the key concept of Change, as the children created artwork in response to a variety of stimuli. In so doing, they were challenged to identify a chosen living creature, to plan a way to visually display its particular life cycle, and then to make specific choices of materials, tools, and processes.

The students came to art class with much knowledge and many ideas from their homeroom inquiry. And after several weeks of work, they recently completed their life cycle dioramas — having utilized colored paper, pencils, colored pencils, oil pastels, scissors, staplers, soil, sticks, leaves, playdough, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, paint & paintbrushes, beads, rocks & pebbles, paste, wire, hot glue guns, and other media. Ultimately, these art students have attempted to transform ideas and materials into three-dimensional dioramas designed to educate their audience (parents and other students) about the various life cycles of living creatures.

photo © by A.Reed

photo © by A.Reed

The parent-sharing day is coming soon. All their dioramas are currently on display in the Grade 1 classrooms. Come have a look!

2 thoughts on “Grade 1 creates life cycle dioramas

  1. Absolutely fantastic! I loved each one of the dioramas showing all the creativity and personality of each child. It is true art and very enjoyable.

    Thank you Mr. Reed for the dedication to your work teaching our kids how to utilize their resources, imagination and love for nature.


    • Thank you, Ms. MacMillan! The children really were fantastic at being able to show their learning visibly and at finding creative ways to develop the creatures’ habitats at the different stages of their life cycles. It is always fascinating to watch them work and think through their ideas.
      – Mr. Reed

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