Welcome to Art Class 2016-17

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Hello students and parents,

It’s Mr. Reed here, getting ready to begin learning and working and creating with the Kindergarten and Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 students in Art Class!

I wish you a warm welcome back to school for those of you who are returning, and for those of you new to Y.I.S. and/or to Japan, I hope you are finding your way around well (please don’t hesitate to ask questions).

We’re soon to begin our ES art classes, to reacquaint ourselves with one another, to welcome our new classmates, and to dive right into our first art projects. As you know, the ES art classes follow the Primary Years Program (PYP) and are well integrated into the work the children are doing across their various classes and subjects. It’s an exciting place to learn and grow and push new boundaries.

I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming Back To School Night on Wednesday, September 7th. Please do feel free to drop into my classroom — room E-203, upper floor, K-1 building — at anytime to ask questions or simply to say ‘hello’.

Best to you all in 2016-17,

Aaron Reed

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Art Class 2016-17

  1. Hi Mr. Reed!

    We are looking forward to learn with Isa all the cool art you will be teaching her this year!
    Also, looking forward to the Parent and Staff Art exhibition.

    Sara MacMillan

    • Thank you, Ms. MacMillan.
      This year will be all new projects and learning for Isabella and her classmates. I am enjoying the classes already. We will see you at the spring Art Exhibition for sure!
      Mr. Reed

  2. Hi Aaron,
    I always appreciate looking at you blog and seeing all the cool things you are doing in your art classes.
    Kirstin Hedger

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