Amezaiku: a traditional Japanese candy craft art

In art class this week, the children are watching this video, to see a glimpse into a small and disappearing subculture of art & cuisine. In Tokyo, you can visit the workshop or showroom of this artist, Shinri Tezuka, who makes amezaiku, traditional edible candy sculptures.

It is said Japanese amezaiku originated in the 8th century. During the Edo period, craftsmen peddled amezaiku on the street, as a kind of entertainment for the common people. The technique of amezaiku has no detailed written documentation and has been inherited from person to person over generations. Today in Tokyo, there are only two remaining Amezaiku craftsmen.

Tezuka-san’s website can be viewed HERE (in English) and HERE (in Japanese).

2 thoughts on “Amezaiku: a traditional Japanese candy craft art

  1. Absolutely amazing what gifted people can do. It is like swarovsky crystal candy. . . I wonder how it tastes like. . . I also wonder if back in the Era people would just eat it or keep it and what the appreciation was back then, since now the craftsmanship of this candy is so rare I would assume is more treassured.

    Thank you for sharing this video and art.


  2. Hi Mr. Reed and 4S,
    What a fascinating skill to make creatures from candy! It is creative to take something artistic that can be something good to taste. Would you eat this candy, now that you know how must effort goes into making it?
    Ms. Catasti

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